‘Ukraine is the Centre of My Universe’ London Fashion Week Party

Last night was my first London Fashion Week Party of the season. Danced to music, had some drinks, also did a fancy change mid-way into my pajamas, and ordered pizza (this is 2020 after all). Okay, I actually partied with ‘Ukraine is the Centre of My Universe’ a place where unique Ukrainian creatives meet, from my Parisian flat, but that only allowed my fashion anxieties and inhibitions to be lifted.

Fucking Young! publication
Fucking Young! publication

The Closer club hosted an online presentation of the project Ukraine is the Centre of My Universe in the official schedule of London Fashion Week. ‘Ukraine is the Centre of My Universe’ is a new cultural movement that aims to present Ukrainian creative industries to the world during significant events.

As part of London Fashion Week in the format of shooting the online presentation pieces from the collections of 5 Ukrainian brands were presented – LITKOVSKAYA, FROLOV, ARTEMKLIMCHUK, DZHUS, PRZHONSKAYA.

To announce the platform, the Ukrainian Fashion Week team invited insiders from London, Milan, Paris, New York and other parts of the world to the online presentation. To show that distance does not matter, the organizing committee sent physical invitations to the virtual party, involving local courier services.

Borders and time zones became conditional during the promotion of Ukrainian culture. The atmosphere of concentration of creative industries could be felt not only by designers, artists, musicians, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers involved in the project, who had the opportunity to present physically at the event, but also by those who joined the presentation online.

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